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Upcoming Fan Conventions

Fan conventions are an awesome way to not only meet up with your friends, but an excellent place to see the latest and greatest in fan vidding. Some conventions are dedicated solely to vidding, while others almost always have a songvid show and often panel discussions. We’ll list those conventions we find out about and if you know of any, please contact us so we may add here.

If you have one of your vids showing in these or any other fan convention- please let us know! 


RevelCon 21
Location: Houston, TX
Dates: March 12-14, 2010
Vidshow: Yes, open to anyone. (Note, DC won best slash/humor vid with Gay Platoon at last year’s show.)
Vid show information and guidelines

MediaWest Con* 2010
Location: Lansing, Michigan
Dates: May 28th thru 31st, 2010
Vid show: Yes- you must be at least a supporting member in order to submit.
Vid show information and guidelines- click on the “Fannish Video” link and follow it to the guidelines.

Con.Txt 2010
Location: Silver Spring, MD
Dates: June 18th- 20th, 2010
Vid show: Yes- slash vids only. You need to be a member or supporting member to submit.
Vid show information and guidelines (Note these rules are stated for 2008 but still should apply.)

This is not intended to be an endorsement, only a listing of upcoming fan conventions for any one interested.


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