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Vietnam is not funny

The story behind “Vietnam is not funny”: back when Kallie and DC started songvidding, they entered several of their vids in a fan convention for the songvid show. If people wanted, they could write feedback on the vids, with those comments later given to the vidder. Among the comments for DC’s songvid Rescue Me was written, “Vietnam is not funny.” Although we agree the war is not funny, there’s humor to be found in even the darkest situations, as the show amply demonstrated. So we decided to keep the phrase with a smile.

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I Wanna Talk About Me
Song by Toby Keith
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 39.3 MB
Who has the bigger ego... Johnny or Alex? You be the judge


The Ketchup Song
Song by Las Ketchup
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 51.7 MB (high res), 12.9 (med res)
A silly look at Myron’s and Zeke’s mannerisms, mirroring each other with the help of a few special effects.


Song performed by The Muppets
Songvid by Kallie
File size: 24.8 MB, 8.60 MB (med res)
What happens when Tour of Duty meets the Muppets?


Proud to Be a Soldier
Song by Tom Lehrer
Songvid by Kallie & DC
File size: 38.5 MB (high res), 8.3 (med res)
A humorous look at being in the Army.


Rescue Me
Song by Fontella Bass
Songvid by DC
File size: 45.7 MB (high res), 10.9 (med res)
When this was shown at ZebraCon 2005, a comment was made that “Vietnam is not funny.” Maybe so, but this is a look at the more humorous moments brought to us by the series.


Walk Like A Camel
Song by Southern Culture on the Skids
Songvid by Despoena & Erisu L
File Size: 19.9 MB
Just goofy...

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