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Software you will need for songvidding.
(For help with FX features in your vids, check out our Tricks and Tips page.)

There is a certain amount of software you are going to need in order to start creating your own songvids. It can be daunting but don’t let it scare you off if you are determined to learn the process.

What you need in order to get started:

Mpegs of the episodes- we list here the directions and software needed in order to convert your own DVDs over to the format you need for vidding. Or you can contact DC and purchase a converted set of the entire series. It saves a lot of time and aggravation and if you are only going to vid ToD, then you can skip all the software needed to convert over the DVDs. *

If you want to convert over your own DVDs, software needed will include:

    • A DVD decrypter (You’ll have to do some digging on the internet to find a copy.)
    • DVD2AVI- Used as a frame server for easy access by the conversion software. Again, some digging on the internet may be required to find a current version.
    • TMPGEng- You can download a free version of this at This does the conversion from VOB to MPEG-1, which is the file format you need in order to pull your clips from.
  • Note: DC can provide a copy of the software listed above and a printout of the directions of how to use the versions that she has. This includes a copy of VirtualDub, the software listed next. **

VirtualDub- this software is what you use in order to make the clips that you put in your songvid. You can get a free and legal copy of this at

And of course the actual vidding software. We use Sony Vegas Movie Studio + DVD software. You can download a free 30 day trial of this at Sony’s website under Trial Versions-

Or, for those of you with Microsoft Windows XP- there is Windows Movie Maker (WMM) already built into your software. No upfront costs as you already have it. Just run a search on your programs and you should be able to locate it.

There are many other programs to work with, from inexpensive and easy to use to much more elaborate and certainly more expensive. We’ve found Sony’s Vegas software not only reasonably priced, but simple and easy to use. In the end, whatever software you use is up to you.

* Entire ToD series converted - $20.00 (includes shipping)

** Conversion software for decrypting your own DVDs to mpegs with directions- $5.00 (includes shipping)

To obtain the Mpegs and/or conversion software, e-mail us at Please include your mailing address.

Want to learn how to vid? Have questions, need help, just plain overwhelmed with the process? We’ve created a new Yahoo discussion group specifically for you! Come join us at: Tour of Duty Vidders!


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