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Special note: The following vids are explorations into the relationship of the Tour of Duty characters BEYOND friendship. If you don’t agree with the concept (referred to as slash) or you find this offensive, then we recommend you don’t view these vids.

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An Innocent Man 
Music: Billy Joel
Songvid by Despoena and Erisu L
File Size: 33.1
Zeke keeps trying, even when Myron pushes him away.


Angels Would Fall
Song by Melissa Etheridge
Songvid by Despoena and Erisu L
File Size: 27.7 MB
Zeke watches a clueless Myron from afar.


Better Than Me
Song by Hinder
Songvid by PFC Cherry
File size: 16.9 MB
In the aftermath of the episode “The Good, The Bad and The Dead.” What happens to a relationship with the trust is gone. Sgt. Anderson and Lt. Goldman find out.


The Boy Feels Strange
Song by Melissa Etheridge
Songvid by Kallie
File size: 32.5 MB (high res), 15 MB (med res)
Zeke notices the changes Myron has undergone since arriving in Vietnam.


Bring Me To Life
Song by Evanescence
Songvid by Kallie
File size: 114 MB (high res), 30.8 MB (med res)
This could possibly be the most over-vidded song in fandom and Tour of Duty needed to be represented. Besides, it's a fantastic song and could have been written for Myron.


Music: How by the Cranberries
Songvid by Despoena
File Size: 40.2 MB
Summary: Zeke does the unthinkable and dumps Myron.


Can’t Find My Way Home
Song by Steve Winwood
Songvid by DC
File size: 34.3 MB (high res), 12.2 MB (med res)
There is no one more messed up than Myron who has lost so much. Zeke is the one person who keeps him centered and gives him something to hold onto, something to believe in.


Music: Kevin Macleod
Songvid by SassyInkPen
File Size: 22.4 MB
Summary: A Tour of Duty fanfiction told in (partly) silent film.


Song: Hot N Cold as performed by Katy Perry
Songvid by Despoena
File Size: 5.07 MB
Summary: Johnny tries to cope with Myron’s moods


Song: All By Myself as performed by John Barrowman
Songvid by Despoena
File Size: 29.0 MB
Summary: Myron is tired of being alone, seems like Zeke is too.


Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?
Song by the Lovin’ Spoonful
Songvid by Kallie & DC
File size: 23 MB (high res)
Decisions, decisions, decisions


Please Don’t Leave
Song by Pink
Songvid by Despoena
File Size: 29.7 MB
Summary: There’s a fine line between love and hate and Myron can’t help pushing it.


Song by Matchbox 20
Songvid by Kallie
File size: 49.3 MB (high res), 15.4 MB (med res)
This is a vid I made for Morgan (and myself) featuring Zeke and Aubrey Decker from The Good, The Bad and The Dead.


Title: Here I Am
Vid by Despoena
Song Title/Music: Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson
File Size:40.9 MB
Summary: Danny dumps Doc... “Nuff said.


Hold On 
Music by Christie McNichol
Songvid by Despoena
File Size: 42.7 MB
Summary: Zeke and Myron need their love to see them through the night. (From Ep: Make Death Proud.)


Title: Home 
Vid by: Despoena
Music: Breathe Preformed by: Melissa Etheridge
File Size: 19.3 MB
Summary: Zeke goes stateside to propose to Jennifer and realizes he's made a huge mistake


It’s Probably Me
Song by Sting
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 67.6 MB , 9.61 MB (med res)
Myron and Zeke and there’s no probably about it.


I Will Find You
Song by Clannad (Last of the Mohicans soundtrack)
Songvid by Kallie
File size: 71.0 MB, 16.8 MB (med res)
It’s nice to know that no matter where Myron goes, Zeke will always find him. This is another song from the “The Last of the Mohicans”. I tried to capture some of the mood of the song and the movie in this slashy video.


Listen to Your Heart
Song by Roxette
Songvid by DC
File size: 39.0 MB (high res), 14.4 MB (med res)
Myron thought everything was fine until his world was upended by the death of Alex. This vid shows that there was someone else who’d been with him all along, who still waits for him to realize what he’s always had if he’d simply open his eyes.


Lonely Road of Faith
Song by Kid Rock
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 82.4 MB (High Res), 20.0 MB (med res), 10.2 MB (low res)
A Myron/Zeke vid that goes beyond friendship with an assist from Kid Rock.


The Other Man 
Music by Sloan
Songvid by Creed Cascade
File Size 42.4 MB
Summary: Myron, Zeke and Johnny have a complicated relationship.


Song by Sarah McLachian
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 33.5 MB, 17 MB (med res)
Zeke knows what he wants and and he won’t be denied.


The Reason I Go On 
Song by Celine Dion
Songvid by Natashja
File size: 13.1 MB
What makes Zeke or Myron go on? Well I guess they inspired each other to go on. 


Reason to Mourn
Song by Ben Harper
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 43.5 MB (high res), 16.6 MB (med res)
Zeke prays Myron will never give him cause to experience the ultimate grief.


Music: Boys Like Girls
Songvid by Despoena
File Size: 15.2 MB
Myron loses more than a friend when Skip Beller goes off the deep end.


Trouble Me 
Music: 10,000 Maniacs
Songvid by Despoena and Erisu L
File Size: 21.4 MB
Zeke is always there to listen when Myron needs him.


Something to Talk About
Song by Bonnie Raitt
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 55.9 MB (high res)
A lighthearted look at the entire freakin’ platoon.


Music: Right Here Waiting by Stain’d
Songvid by Despoena
File Size: 37.3 MB
Myron and Zeke manage to stay together despite difficult moments


What Hurts the Most
Song by Rascal Flats
Songvid by Kallie
File size: 45.8 MB, 13.1 MB (med res)
Myron wants Zeke but can’t find the courage to express his feelings.


The Whole Freakin’ Platoon is Gay (Winner 2009 RevelCon- Best Humor/Slash Vid)
Music: Trip on This by X-Ray Dog
Songvid by DC
File Size: 14.6 MB
The title says it all.

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