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You can now browse through our catalog of songvids by either catagory or in the Index, which is a complete listing of all our songvids in alphabetical order.

If you are unable to download our vids, we gladly offer to mail them to you on CD Rom. Just email us at with a list of what you would like. There is no fee, we will send to you for free. For more information on ordering songvids from us, please go to our Contacts Page.

We ask that you do NOT upload OUR songvids to YouTube or MySpace without our permission first. 


New Vids- The newest songvids recently archived.

Gen- Songvids appropriate for everyone.

Character Study- These are vids that focus on one character.

Humor- We were told once that “Vietnam is not funny”. We beg to differ. See if you agree!

Multifandom- These are vids that have more than just Tour of Duty featured.

Slash- These songvids are explorations into the relationship of the Tour of Duty characters BEYOND friendship. If you don’t agree with the concept (referred to as slash) or you find this offensive, then we recommend you don’t view these vids.

Episode Trailers NEW- Just like going to the movies, only these are episode based. All episodes to eventually be done.

Challenges NEW- Songvids made in response to various challenges posted on the Tour of Duty Vidders Yahoo Discussion List.

Index- A complete listing of our entire catalog of songvids in alphabetical order.

Lyrics- We’ve put together a complete listing of all the lyrics. You may go to either the Lyrics page or the Index page to find the words to your favorite songvid.

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