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Submission Guidelines

So you made that Tour of Duty songvid and want to archive it here at our website. Congratulations and welcome! Here are the guidelines, ground rules and facts you will need for your submission.

1) Most important rule of all- THIS IS YOUR VID! That means you can archive it anywhere you want. We do NOT have exclusive archive rights to your vid. The catch is- we do ask to direct archive your vid. That means we will not put a link to your personal website or to another website. We will direct archive your vid here at ToDVids and you are welcome to direct archive it anywhere else you wish. We do, however have one exception to this- that if you archive with us that you do NOT archive with

2) We are not a “juried” website. This means we do not review your vid and decide if we want it or not. You submit it, it gets archived. It’s that simple. Any feedback we receive will be forwarded to you as we get it.  The catch is, we aren’t going to filter your feedback. Everyone’s a critic, especially on the internet. We will forward the good, the bad and the ugly.

3) Because we do accept ALL Tour of Duty Vids (and multi-fandom vids that have Tour of Duty in them), we do proudly archive slash vids. If you do not agree with slash, hate slash, flame slash, want to burn slashers at the stake, you probably don’t want to put your vid in this archive. We will not apologize for slash vids- in fact, we encourage them along with all the other vids. By submitting your vid to us, you understand this and agree to it. We do not want you coming to us later and requesting your vid be removed because you do not agree with the content of the website.

4) Vids accepted have to be about Tour of Duty. Sorry, this is not an open archive for other fandoms. We do accept multifandom vids that have Tour of Duty as one of the fandoms in them. Having said that, the sky’s the limit so long as it’s Tour of Duty.

5) We try to announce vids in a number of places including: Notes from the Underground Yahoo Groups, Tour of Duty Journals, and Tour of Duty Live Journal Community. You are certainly welcome to announce your vid in other forums- we encourage it, as a matter of fact!

Okay with the ground rules? Here’s how to send your vid to us:

Upload your vid to
Email the url from after uploading to email needs to include the following information:

Your vidding name
Vid Title if different from the song title
Song Title
Artist performing the song
A BRIEF summary of your vid.
Is this a slash vid? (all slash vids have a warning printed with them.)

What Hurts the Most
Song by Rascal Flats
Songvid by Kallie
Summary: Myron wants Zeke but can't find the courage to express his feelings.
Slash content

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