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Tricks and Tips
Tutorials on Special Effects

Welcome to our newest section- tips and help for some of the more elaborate special effects. For now, we’ll be featuring help for those using Sony Vegas Version 4.0, but it’s our hope that in the future, we will be able to add instructions for not only the more recent versions of Sony Vegas, but for other software that is used.

So, if you are a vidder, even in other fandoms, and use other vidding software, we’d love for you to contribute. If you’re interested, please contact us- we’d love to feature your instructions here!

Instructions are in PDF format for easy access and printing.

One scene framed within two boxes
(Sony Vegas 4.0)

One scene boxed over another scene
(Sony Vegas 4.0)

Picture in Picture
(Sony Vegas 7.0- presented by Despoena)


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